Knowlege is Power, Callahan’s Will Share Info About Insect Pests on Our New Blog

When do you need to call a professional? What is that type of bug you found on your windowsill this morning? Is the bug you found in your suitcase a bedbug? Why are there so many earwigs in your yard? Do they bite? If I have termite damage in my home, can it be repaired and what goes into that type of work?


These are questions you may ask about insect pests in New Jersey and Callahan’s wants to help. We welcome your comments, questions and feedback on our new blog.

If you discover you do need to call a termite and pest control exterminator in Ocean and Monmouth County, NJ, do not hesitate to call our offices. We will send experienced and knowledgeable professionals to your property to provide removal, repair and maintenance services at your convenience.

Visit our main website at to learn more about our company and the services we offer. Or call us at 732-899-3030  or toll free at 1-800-21-NOBUG (1-800-216-6284).


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